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About uSizo Foundation

uSizo Foundation operates as, a student and youth organization rooted in the University of KwaZulu-Natal and as a Non-Profit Organization based in South Africa.  Our major objectives focus on providing access, information and opportunities to young people.  We work as a mediating group between communities, Non-Government Organisations, Government, Business and other stakeholders to develop new innovative solutions to the challenges facing young people, primarily issues surrounding socioeconomic development. The Foundation continues to identify other youth organisations and civic organisations in South Africa, the region and internationally to work with in through sharing of ideals and implementing its program. Experience and information is drawn from other local, regional and international youth development initiatives to assist in the developing and implementation of projects designed by the foundation.  A lot of experience and advice is also drawn from the Board of Trustees who has expertise in different fields, from Political Science, Development Consultancy, Trade and Development and Human Rights defenders, to name a few. Not forgetting it membership, who are inspiring Academics and Young Professionals. These are the backbone of the organization who manages the daily running of uSizo Foundation. 


Governance Structure

As presently constituted, the Foundation is registered as a student and youth non-profit organization.  The management and administration of the Foundation is done with the assistance and guidance of the Board of Directors. Policy issues are discussed at the General Meetings where members of the Foundation discuss reports and asses progress of the projects and recommend projects to be undertaken with the direction of the Board of Trustees. Membership in uSizo Foundation’s Student Organization is open to all students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal while the Non-profit Organization is open to both students and community members alike who aspire to work on the Foundation’s programmes. Furthermore, participation in training programmes, public meetings, workshops and camps is open to all who are interested

You will find us on the Howard College Campus, the Rick Turner Student Union Building, Office 212 on the 2nd Floor or simple email us at

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