uSizo Foundation is a result of collaborative work from different youth and civic groups who came together and concluded that there was a great need to ensure youth are aware of the opportunities that are out there and how to access them. Apart from the general social and economic challenges facing the majority of South African communities, the youth is faced by the following challenges in particular: a) Lack of information b) Lack of training and mentoring c) Lack of funding d) Illiteracy e) Unemployment and underemployment f) HIV/Aids g) Xenophobia

Regional and International Youth Development Experiences

Drawing examples and lessons from other youth initiatives in the region (Southern Africa) and International Youth Organizations there is enough testimony to the effect that where youth initiatives have received support and advise they have progressively contributed to positive growth of their communities. Examples can be sighted of the International Youth Foundation, Global Connection, Youth Development Network (South Africa), the National Youth Development Agency (South African), World Youth Assembly (WAY) and many others. uSizo Foundation is therefore a program whose development is vastly informed by lessons from other youth initiatives that have been a success in other areas.

Situation Analysis

The coming in of a majority government, voted in on a one man one vote basis, ushered in a new era in the country, institutions of democratic governance like the Parliament, Judiciary and the Executive were transformed and are functioning well. This set up has translated itself into a steadily growing economy and many social conditions improving for the general South African. It is under these conditions that South Africa has been able to grown into the one of the main economic powers in Africa.

On the other hand, many of the same challenges facing ordinary South Africans during the apartheid still exist. Poverty is strife across the country, unemployment is soaring, skilled workers are in high demand and racial harmony is still far from being achieved. The increasing violence tendencies amongst the youth as seen in the recent xenophobia attacks, crime and psyching of young people to commit violence for political expediency is a worrying development that needs to be nipped in the bud. The present food and petrol prices have further exacerbated the situation and many; youth in particular have resorted to crime and other illegal dealings to get by.

While South Africa’s economy continues to grow, so does the economic divide between the rich and the poor.  Impacting strongly on this phenomenon is the skill shortage of qualified teachers, doctors and social workers in the community resulting in declining social conditions when matched with the increase of food and petrol prices. With all these current challenges there is a great potential and a bright future for the generations to come, and we believe that we can secure this by providing information, access and opportunity to the next generation.


To develop a critical mass of young people (minds) with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to the development of South Africa.


Mission Statement

The Foundation is committed to enhancing and strengthening youth participation, skills and economic development processes across all sectors of society recognizing that all people are equal regardless of gender, color, creed or race and background.



  • To enhance access to higher education programmes for disadvantaged high schools and communities

  • To facilitate sustainable relations between university students and outside institutions to provide them with work experience in their field of study 

  • To provide information on (social) entrepreneurship to students and young people

  • To work with Government Departments, NGOs, CSOs, business and academic organizations to ensure their programmes are reaching their targeted audience in the community

  • To create local radio and internet initiatives to promote local talent in music, reporting and advertising while also promoting local businesses

  • To create resource centre’s to facilitate youth/student programmes such as co-operatives, small business training, and writing a grant/business applications

  • To lobby government, business and the university to support local business and community developments



The Foundation has adopted the following strategies to ensure that we reach our objectives: 

  • Research, Policy Analysis and Monitoring

  • Training and Mentoring

  • Communication and Networking

  • Lobby and Advocacy

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